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SS29018After the latest election for the US Presidency, the whole World’s eyes have been opened wide on how critical Internet Branding, and Internet Reputation is to any, company, person, product, or even idea today. Period: If you don’t get it, you just might be missing an incredible opportunity right now.

If you’re not ranked on the first page of Google for targeted keywords in your Industry, why not?
“Fact is, any Public Company that is not listed in the first 10 listings on Google Search is considered off the Radar for today’s investor.” Finance Yahoo

Are you ready for your Company to Completely DOMINATE The First 3 Pages of Google Listings? You can be, by utilizing our Mind Blowing Web 2.0 Public & Investor Marketing Services? If you are ready, then read on…

Over the last 10 years our team has been involved with public relations, investor relations, and new investor marketing for numerous companies. During this time we have seen incredible market evolution that has effected a continual change in the way public companies need to attract target investors.

What was considered acceptable and leading edge just a few  years ago, can be considered archaic by today’s standards. The times they are a changing, and we are changing right along with them. In fact, we are starting to do things in the IR /PR field that haven’t been done before.  If you don’t start taking advantage of main stream New Web Marketing, then you are missing out on an incredible opportunity. This isn’t just our opinion, but simple fact.

So what are the solutions out there for Public Companies today? Mostly trouble guaranteed, phone rooms, spam email. Whether it is email or fax methods that are no more than signal flagging, possible trading halts, these are short term solutions to say the least. That is until now!

Today, the Internet, public relations, investor relations, and investor marketing go hand in hand. Why? Simple, the Internet is now more than a place to go, but a place to find out. And Google is the place where over 80% of the World goes for their information.

Let’s get into a little detail about what Google Search Ranking Status means to Publicly Traded Companies. First off, every company is in a specific industry, is trying to sell or promote their own products, or projects, and is Public so they can sell shares of their company to the public to raise money. Correct? If not, why are you reading this information, and more important why are you Public?

In today’s instant access Internet Society, the search engine is where Investors go to find the information they need, and want to feel comfortable investing in unknown companies. If your company does not have a continual active strategy in place to get on the first page of Google, in the faces of today’s Investors, you are in trouble.

Companies now need to be in as many main stream media channels as they can, like high volume investment sites, television, radio, news etc. to even hope to be noticed by investors.

So how do today’s companies accomplish this? By being talked about in as many places on the highly trafficked net as possible, but more importantly, be on the first page of Google for the keywords that will get them the targeted traffic specific to their company’s market.

Sound easy? No way, but doable, and affordable with our exclusive marketing system designed specifically for public companies that are on a budget, and need high impact ranking on the highest searched site on the Internet, Google.

We have recently finished our Spider Web IR-PR New Web Marketing System for companies that need big exposure, zero risk, and highly targeted traffic to their market niche.

We offer a “we do it all for you” solution that will get your company on the first page of Google in days, not weeks or months. This system is based on many factors, but most importantly on giving your company, its stock symbol, products, services, or projects, the correct reputation awareness it needs to stand out from others in your market space.

The following is a general idea of how we get your company this exposure using our system:
We will research your company’s market, and find out what keywords will get your company the most searched for traffic, specific to your company, on Google.

Then, we will create exclusive content that maximizes on your company’s message, that will empower those searching for unknown companies like yours. This content will be in the form of articles, press releases, audio pod cast, and videos that will give the market a wide and specific view of your Industry, market, and value.

Once the research and content is created we then, submit, post, broadcast, bookmark, and publish this content on over 65 of the top Web 2.0 properties, which in return creates a giant IR-PR Spider Web leading back to your company.

See the Example Below:

Note: The above diagram shows only some of the 65 most highly trafficked Web 2.0 properties on the web that we will be putting exclusive content about your company on.

Here are some very popular, and simple to understand videos on the different Web 2.0 Methods, and Systems we have integrated in our IR2.0 Blueprint. Search Engine Strategies “in plain English”

Search Engine Strategies “in plain English”

First and foremost for any company, if you are not on the first page of Google for your “keywords” you are simply not considered on the map to anyone out there, especially Investors. – When someone does a search about your company other than Press Releases or Filings what else will they find?

Note: By being on the above properties, with targeted content about your company, will give your company the broad stroke exposure it needs to attract Google’s robots/spiders to catalog this unique content, and it’s links back to your company’s brand.

Our Spider Web System is broken down into four main areas of exposure that will lead searching investors back to your own customized Search Engine Optimized Blog. The break down is as follows:

Note: The above diagram only shows 7 of the top 14 high PR (page rank) and, highly trafficked Web 2.0 properties online today

Social Networking “in plain English”

So what’s the big deal about these Web 2.0 sites anyway? You see, these websites attract an INSANE amount of traffic everyday. There are people who visit these websites religiously just to see what’s hot and new. Not only that, there is no easier or faster way to own a page of Google listings than submitting unique content to these websites on an ongoing basis.

Google treats these websites like family. In fact, advanced online marketers have been doing this for a while now, and are earning a fortune selling other people’s products on Amazon, just to name one well known marketplace.

Media Marketing -- Pod Casting -Video Marketing “in plain English”

Note: The above diagram only shows 9 of the top 25 high PR (page rank) and highly trafficked Video Streaming Web 2.0 properties online today. Note: Youtube™ alone streams over 500,000 individual streams daily. It’s no secret that Google loves video. Do a search for almost anything that can be shown through a video and you’ll notice Youtube™, Google Video, and other video websites absolutely dominating the first page. What you might not know are these amazing behind-the-scene facts:

52% of all web traffic is video (according to industry watchdog, eMarketer)

More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times)

The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day

The search engines visit video sites every few minutes—so your videos appear in Google, Yahoo and MSN just MINUTES after you submit, not days or weeks

Because video is so popular, video links and clips often show up before other content

Plus check out this diagram about how 43% of surveyed viewers actually watch videos when directly being marketed to:

ComScore’s August 2008 USA Search Ranking Press Release to see ComScore’s August 2008 US only Search Engine Rankings Press Release.

Part of our content creation is video article ads about your company and/or industry that will lead viewers back to your company’s market profile.

RSS “in plain English”

Note: The above diagram only shows 10 of the 50 RSS Directories we will broadcast all your company’s Web 2.0 properties content to. Note: RSS feeds, which are basically a copy of the content on the actual websites we create and submit/publish to.

How this basically works is we take the RSS feeds generated by all of our submitted web properties and submit these RSS feeds to the above mentioned RSS aggregators, which publish the feed on their website. This in turn gets picked up by news sites, blogs, websites, and portals, which use this as content for their sites. Please understand that all of this content links back to your company, which increases the Spider Web about your company.

Why is this so powerful? Because all the websites we mentioned above are authority websites that can give you “keyword” back-links to your website which will make your Page Rank go flying! PLUS, RSS feeds published to these sites get indexed literally within minutes! They are almost as fast as video! Why? Because search engines know that RSS feeds are always changing and they need to keep an eye on these websites for new content, so they continuously monitor 24×7 these directories feeds for new content.

Social Bookmarking “in plain English”

Note: The above diagram only shows 13 of the 25 Social Bookmarking sites we submit all of your Web 2.0 content sites to.

You might have heard the buzz about the term Social Bookmarking. Why is it so powerful and different from other web promotion tactics?

Social Bookmarking websites are basically sites that categorize and store ‘bookmark links’ (links which take you to a specific website). Millions of visitors flood these Social Bookmarking sites to search for information.

So the idea of bookmarking is to post links back to your web page from these Social Bookmarking websites.

Some of the benefits of Social Bookmarking include:

Laser targetted traffic: Your bookmarks are categorized under certain “tags” and people who click on those tags to check out your website are genuinely interested in that topic.

Lightning fast Search Engine Indexing: These websites have an incredibly high Page Rank all the way up to PR8 and that means Google practically checks these websites every other minute for new links! Guess what happens when it finds your link? Yep, it shows up on Google.

Higher Search Engine Ranking: The holy-grail of Search Engine Optimization is one-way backlinks. With social bookmarking, you can get as many “keyword” links to your site as your heart desires.

Higher PageRank: Having high PR Social Bookmarking sites linked to your site will improve your site’s PR. And since all these sites are do-follow, this means that Google credits your website with each and every link it finds on these websites. With a higher PR, you can link to your new/existing sites and improve their ranking too! You can even monetize on it by selling links from your site!

Now here is one the most important part of our 2.0 offering; 3000 Twitter Followers or more in 90 days or less or 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Blogging “in plain English”

Social Media “in plain English”

Get Into Twitter or Get Out of Public Relations?

View on Vimeo.

First, a quick comment on the shocking headline of this post: are we seriously suggesting that a PR person MUST become an active Twitter user if they want to have a meaningful career? Even though Twitter is supposedly still a below-the-radar service?

Well, yea, kinda. But for more – and more varied – reasons than you might think.

First: personal branding. There is no question that the managers and HR reps at savvy PR agencies and corporations are in the twitter-stream. We have hired more than one new employee that we either recruited via Twitter, or, who had a leg-up in the process because we knew and respected the way they handled themselves online.

Next: knowledge. If you’re “following” and interacting with a bunch of smart people, you will learn more stuff; you will be “in the know” before peers, competitors, and clients. You’ll get first dibs on the coolest Web 2.0 applications. While your friends wonder about “that tweety stuff” you’ll already be twhirling and utterzing: this isn’t just cool-for-cool’s sake – these are the apps that will be discussed in the History Books of this era. Five years from now, you won’t be able to hold your head up in a newbiz meeting if you can’t claim to have been on-board from the get-go.

Also on the “knowledge” front: with your personal community established, I can’t emphasize enough how valuable Twitter can be when you need a hand – an idea – or, reactions to an idea. Twitter is an instant focus group, on-call 24/7, and comprised of some of the most brilliant and thoughtful people you’d ever want to meet.

Last but not least: relationships. Twitter may not be mainstream, yet, but it’s well-known to the influencers and fellow practitioners with whom most PR people interact. Why wouldn’t you want to know what Barry Ritholtz or Paul Kedrosky are up to today? Thanks to Twitter, you might know anything from “what they had for breakfast” to “how they got caught in a Short Squeeze” to “what article they’re writing.” With such knowledge, you will become a better PR pro, period.

Please note that I am NOT saying, “You can use Twitter to stalk the media!” No, no, no! I am saying you just might be able to forge a true relationship with these folks by interacting with them regularly, and in a purely social, “human” way.

If you want to keep track of our own twitterati, we’ve consolidated SHIFT’s twitterfeed using Yahoo Pipes. Check it out: over time you’d see that, yes, we interact with media contacts on Twitter – we’ll even throw out a “twitpitch” now and again – but, we also act like under caffeinated goofballs a lot, too. (Because we’re human, and that’s finally cool again.)

In the Social Media Era, it is essential that getting better at Public Relations means getting better at the Relationships, not the Publicity. Use a list like this one to start the process – and get back to me a year from now about how it’s helped!

In closing what we offer today’s Public Companies is the ability for them to create legal, ethical, exposure for themselves that is of relevant content, that is of high quality, and attractive to new targeted searching for you investors,. who in turn would consider your company, it’s stock, projects, products, or services, as a new unknown opportunity for them.

Brand Building, Marketing, and selling your company and stock is what our program is all about… the new way, in the new World…

Following is an outline of the services we will provide on a monthly basis.

First, let me say that our strategy is all about “your Company”. All roads lead to creating a large and dynamic presence on the Internet for your Company. Each element, when tied together, helps create a “buzz” about your Company.The strategies that are behind our system are methods that every company should be employing in the promotion of their websites, blogs, and corporate/stock for maximum reputation awareness online.

    Our company rolls into one package every single effective marketing strategy used by today’s online marketers which include:

  • Press Release Marketing: Key word and key phrase rich linking to your Company Press Releases to gain maximum exposure throughout the net. Each release you put out will be optimized for maximum effectiveness and submitted to several News Release sites as well. Each will also be linked to other critical areas to gain maximum exposure.
  • Article Marketing: Each month we will be producing several articles covering the critical areas of interest of your Company’s activities and submitting them to several key properties on the net. Each will be strategically linked and optimized.
  • Social Networking: On an ongoing basis your Company will be exposed to a growing Social Network of websites that have some of the largest traffic flows on the Net.
  • Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking effectively gives your Company “votes” by other web surfers about your Company and Brand. The more people that bookmark your site, the more will become aware of it. We will be exposing your site to all of the major Bookmarking properties on the Net.
  • Video submission: -- Video is fast becoming a “must have” presence on the Net. Recent statistics show that 10 hours of video is added to the net every minute. Each month we will create a video on one of the important aspects of your Company and submit it to all of the major Video properties. Each will be optimized for maximum effectiveness. (In some cases we may elect to use your website videos as a basis for reinforcing certain Company hot points).
  • Blog creation: We will create a separate Blog for your Company (which you will “own” at the end of our term). Your Blog will be heavily marketed to the vast number of Blog sites around the web.
  • Niche Research: On an ongoing basis, we will research key words and phrases to ensure that we are hitting the critical areas of importance to maximize the exposure for your Company on the Web
  • RSS Feeds: As I am sure you are aware, RSS is replacing email in an ever increasing way. All news will be carried on our RSS feeds and submitted to all of the major aggregators on an ongoing basis. Your news will immediately get to the people that request it as opposed to being sent to someone who may not want it.
  • Twitter Followers: We Guarantee 3,000 Twitter Follower’s to your companies own twitter account over our 90 day marketing period.

Through use of our proprietary technologies all of these features will be strategically linked to create a “web” of interconnected exposure for your Company. As time goes on each month, this web will grow organically into a very solid presence on the net with exponentially more Brand Awareness for the investing public.

In order for proper Web 2.0 marketing to be a solid virally growing process we only accept clients who are willing to commit to a 90 day program, this will allow time for our various strategies to fully play out and provide your Company with the most cost effective benefit. In addition some features provide virtually immediate benefit, and others will take time to build to a critical mass.

We will be able to provide Google Analytics statistics to enable you to see the growth in exposure from our strategies on an ongoing basis.

While this outline may give you a good idea of the services we provide, it can’t begin to show you the end results of our efforts. Through many years of online marketing, software development, and public company marketing, we are blazing a trail on the Web using the newest and most effective tools available to create a substantial presence for your Company. No one we are aware of is using all of these available tools combined together in such a coordinated and strategic manner.

We will work closely with you on the specific direction and specific “hot points” you want to cover to “Brand” your Company in the image you desire. I will look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience to discuss any ideas or questions you may have.

We wish your Company the best advantage in market domination in 2010 and beyond.