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blue wires from is rolling out a whole new set of Shareholder Visibility Initiatives for junior public companies, utilizing the best available technologies, and the most heavily trafficked Web 2.0 properties out there, in order to reach the largest audience possible in the most cost efficient manner possible.

In these uncertain economic times, now more than ever, it is important to get your Company out there in front of the investing public. Many, if not most, junior public companies have been particularly hard hit in the recent market turmoil. We aim to help you fight your way back into the eyes of the investing public.

Following are just some of the areas we are covering in our laser focused services.

* Educate, spread the news, get discussed, showcased, online video awareness campaign, podcast, blogs, articles, and Press Releases.

* Quality Information, Online, Offline, Dynamic, Interactive

* Build Global, Viral Footprint, of Targeted, Highly Informative, Client Market Specific, print, media (audio & video) all over highly trafficed, Web 2.0, and Forum communities.

Our Web 2.0 Services are perfect for any type of individual, business, non profit, or public company to expose to the Online Global Community with High Impacting, Interactive, Video, Audio, and Direct Response.

We use New Web technologies designed for increasing market exposure for unknown companies to also help them with long term interested investors is focused on combining, energy, mineral, stock market awareness to International Investors, to Junior International Public Companies by getting them in the forefront of the ultra place to be today… smack dab in the first of Google’s first page,

Google gets millions of International searches every minute of the day… 24×7…

The Golden Key to quality PR is not just press releases anymore, but, quality, media, in the form of, articles, blogs, audio, and video… available 24×7 from where the whole planet hangs out… the www, world wide web….

and here is just a little bit more of what is coming………

“In today’s heavily regulated marketplace, companies need to take a strategic approach to Investor Relations & Marketing”

But what does that mean?

In most cases today, the approach to Investor Relations or Marketing is the sending out of Press Release via email, faxes, and now cell phones to third party resources. Hopefully from compliant established companies that have their own opt in list. However in today’s regulators eyes this is still considered spam or unsolicited marketing even though the databases are legitimate opt in.

The regulators view is simple; unless someone is part of your own subscriber mailing list, warm market list, or found you on the internet via the search engines. You are promoting, marketing, solicit-ting… How many times each week do you see notices of companies having their trading privileges revoked?

wiresIt’s no big secret, if you want stock volume you need new and fresh targeted investors looking at your company’s stock on a consistent basis. The big question is how to do that without breaking the rules?

Let us introduce to you a totally new PR system of doing this without any of the risk. Our team has been providing investor relations services online and off for over 6 years. We have developed a system that is totally compliant, exclusive to your company and highly targeted.

We have put together the right combination of investor relations components to help any company succeed online.

Our system involves three key elements:

1) Building a presence for the company that educates, engages, and supports existing, and prospective investors.

2) Building an exclusive to company RSS and Email Subscriber Base of targeted and willing investors.

3) Building and positioning keywords specific to the company’s marketplace on the first page of Google.

All three of these investor relations tools are within the regulators guidelines, but most important all three are exclusive to the company, highly effective, and extremely affordable.

Let us break down the system and explain to you how it works and why your company needs us.

1) Building a presence: No matter how much targeted quality investor traffic you get looking at your company, if it does not convert into investment dollars it means nothing. Most company websites focus their efforts on spreading their marketing message about the services, products, mission etc. of the company. An investor needs that and more. The investor needs to understand about why the company is involved in this market, how the company profits. Why? Simple; the investor is in essence a partner. As a partner, they are in business with you.

“It is impossible for a company’s website to be able to sell to the market and sell to investors.”

Our solution; a fully managed Investor Relations Blog and weekly newsletter by us for you, A Investor Relations Blog Portal that markets specifically to the investor with the right investor relations content that explains the benefits of the investor partnering with the company.

2) Building an exclusive to company subscriber base: Without-A-Doubt no matter what business you are in, having your own exclusive database of willing subscribers is a major plus. In the eyes of the regulators sending company market info to your own subscriber base is not solicitation. It is informing. It’s amazing how positioning can change the perception of things. But perception is the rule that you must follow to build legitimacy in the regulators eyes.

“With your own subscriber base you have the ability to continually promote the happenings of the company.”

wired circuitboardIt is fact that over 80% of sales come from more than one communication engagement. Look at it this way, most companies initial investors came from their Executive’s warm market list. How many of those said yes the very first time they were introduced to your opportunity? Some, but most said yes after they were comfortable and understood the opportunity.

It is amazing how many companies can be so naive to think a 1 to 2 paragraph press release is going to get everyone to drop what they are doing and invest. It is a process, a process to earn peoples trust. With your own subscriber base you will have the opportunity to earn that subscribers trust and investment. Even if only 1% converts each month, you are looking at an enormous unsolicited resource of company stock buying.

and this is just the beginning…….. there will be lots more to come……