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Do Investor Relations [IR] campaigns work? The short answer is yes, but it all depends on what the expectations are and what the company’s goals are in implementing their IR initiatives.

With all the stock touting sites out there today promising [or claiming to be able to provide] penny stock spikes of 50%, 1000% or even 5000%, IR has become more of a “pump and dump” profession than a legitimate profession based on sound business principles. We have not seen a stock that has accomplished these short sighted goals ever have the price of their stock remain at the height of the campaign they invested in. As a matter of fact a great number of these companies have all ended with a worst valuation than when they started and have not only “NEVER” recovered from it but has only continued to fall in price as traders continue to sell their stock with dismayed of false promises of “short term” riches in stock appreciation. The only groups that have ever benefited from these programs are the promoters and possibly even the founders of these public companies who just wanted to capitalize on the sale of their free trading shares personally. The attention these types of short sighted IR programs draw is the attention of the regulatory bodies and class action lawsuits not loyal shareholders who will hold your stock longer term. So if this is your main objective then we probably are not the right IR professionals for you.


There is an entire “new world” of stock investors out there who are more informed, less naive and have been burnt by past “pump and dump” experiences. HWS hopes to eradicate this type of IR mentality and bring a new approach to IR that has traditionally not been followed because of the instant gratification companies are lead to believe are of benefit to them. Not that we are a self righteous Investor Relations organization but our sights are on longer term benefits with quality micro cap and small cap companies who can prove their value to investors. Investor Relations is simply letting investors know about a company. Investor Relations persons and/or firms do not determine the price of a stock – IT IS UP TO THE PUBLIC COMPANY TO OPERATE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS – that in of itself will gets investors.

Like our slogan states “sell the merits of your company and your stock price will follow”. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with creating some immediate liquidity for the right reasons. We have had clients who required some instant liquidity to assist with their financing needs or to deal with some sell pressure from shareholders who held large blocks of stock and needed to sell for their personal reasons and not because of the merits of the company. HWS’s founding partners have been on the other side as public company founders and have experienced the pitfalls of false promises from numerous IR groups and so called “promoters”. They too wanted to believe because they needed to believe but at the end have come to realize that most of these guys could not and did not deliver what they promised and in most instances, leaving the public company holding the fall outs.

We have developed a menu of powerful tools which are tried and proven and will help any micro and/or small cap company that has promise in succeeding to build a strong shareholders base. We have brought together some of the brightest minds from the tech world that understand financial markets and offer some very powerful Web 2.0 IR initiatives that create traffic to your site and create discussions about your company in the “new world” financial social networks. We also have some of the most talented financial writers on staff that can produce public relations pieces [such as fact sheets and newsletters] aimed at describing and selling the merits of your company in a simple and effective way that investors of today understand and want to see. We’ve aligned ourselves with professional CFA’s who are based in the USA and do not farm out research reports to offshore quasi CFA’s in another country as many other so-called “research report coverage” sites do. Our CFA’s can write proper and professional research reports and understand the companies they write about domestically and not from afar.

Ask us about our list of options on how we can help your company achieve the success you are looking for. We will sit down with you to understand your company and listen to your needs. After which we will provide a detailed analysis of what we are able to do to help you achieve your objectives. If we feel that we cannot achieve the goals you have, we will be up front with you, as we seem to decline more business than we accept. We succeed when you succeed, and together our success is a result of investors making money, because at the end; they are the decision makers and ultimately, your best IR team will eventually will be your own shareholders who bought into your company. If an investor is sold on your company, and you, they will tell others. This is what will begin the creation of a strong shareholder base and stronger liquidity.

Investor Relations should not be an afterthought and should be an extremely important component for any publicly traded company; as this is your voice to investors and the investment community at large. Is your company prepared to make this step properly? The investment landscape is changing as investors are more informed and the regulatory bodies are more aggressive in pursuing those that take the wrong initiatives to promote their company. Are you ready to make the RIGHT move? Just email us at and we’ll make that move together.

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