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The Complete Lifecycle of the Drone Wasp

John Keyes said that “successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others” and indeed we all saw the sentimental audacity of dope sell-short opportunity on the eve of a new ipad. If you made a few bucks, nice work.

New studies suggest we are continually attracted to sad stories because it makes us feel better about our selves and the otherwise disappointing people around us. These effects wear off until you again reach for that horror film or this Liberian civil war doc. Moody media inspires feelings of gratitude, safety and reinforces steady social ties that in real time may be suffocating or unproductive. It is important to remember the short but sharp decline in therapist visits and anti-depressants after the death of princess Diana.

Good, so movies and fan-atics get their happy ending, and Apple’s stock goes up. Maybe now all the virgins sacrificed for their neotenous brains on Apple’s altar can rest in peace forever. Hopefully the kids will be able play on the street this summer without worrying about white vans bearing the Apple logo trolling aroud the neighborhood, asking for directions to the nearest success and offering candy in exchange for opinions offered in a wanting conceptual vocabulary.

….So okay they can crowd-source like crazy… But when a by-definition consumer-driven company crowd-sources their consumer after enough permutations it eventually just crowd-sources itself, and cuts out other areas of product lifescycle it could use to spearhead through the next difficult years of inceasing computer-stuff competition. They also knew that the drones would sense the molecular significance of a new apple tumbling from the tree down to the meadow floor already strewn with rotting fruit. But the more fruit on the ground of the tablet tree, the less ipads in the tree.

To conclude, this stock is propped up if not by child sacrifice or creepy bio-energetic slavedrone harvesting, but let’s at least admit that this stock is driven by a garden-variety evangelicalism and mourning.

Look, I know all about it – he was a brilliant man and I admire him greatly. I’ve also experienced that beautiful moment where my grandmother who was confused and angered by computers her whole life, learned to navigate an ipad within minutes. But then soon after she died and so that big moment of the miracle of the tree of knowledge and our curious and creative destiny as human beings was put aside while we dealt with more pressing issues what some may call reality – the neverending larval stage of content creation – an area where Apple is no longer a leader.

No great works, words, poetry, science breakthroughs, songs of love, will ever be accessed with the ipad 3, as none were produced by previous versions. In the increasingly participatory and pro-social internet landscape, gawking platforms will never dissapear as there will always be the shy and the hermits of this world, but this is not an early lifecycle ETF bet that is for sure.

Bet on it going down when Microsoft 8 comes out, or just keep dreaming about the future and decide for yourself whether and in what way Apple is going to carve its place in it when they start using their own brains, rather than consuming those of children and aging drone demographic.

Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.
-Steve Jobs

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